Marlo Hampton Says She Should Have Her Own Spin-Off With NeNe Leakes & Kenya Moore + Hints Porsha Should Be Kicked Off

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Real Housewives of Atlanta occasional cast member, Marlo Hampton, is telling her side of how the friendship between her and Nene Leakes disintegrated, seemingly overnight. This week, Marlo made a stop by her hometown, Atlanta’s own V103 Ryan Cameron Morning Show to discuss not being invited to Kandi Burruss’ wedding, the fallout of her and Nene and who she would kick off the show if she had the chance.

V103: Are you going to the wedding?

Marlo: No I wasn’t invited; I would love to go though. Kandi, send me an invite, I wanna come seriously, you know I’ll bring a nice gift.

V103: Are you and Kandi friends?

We cool now. In the beginning, when I came on the show she did warn me and then I came on being team Nene and throwing shade at the girls and listening to Nene and then after me and Nene, I go to Kandi and I apologized, which, she told me from day one that she was going play me like chess,  was right. So I know she probably feel some kind of way.

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V103: When did you feel like it started to go left with Nene?

Uh, at the wedding. Three days before her wedding, when I walked in…you know I’m always dressed to the nines; it’s just something I do. The other young ladies had on sweats and I just felt tension from the other bridesmaids. And I’m like ‘What’s going on? The energy isn’t right.’ I went to go check in and I upgraded my room to a suite so one of the girls went and told that… So I was up in my room getting comfortable, I’m just sitting there for hours, didn’t get a phone call so I text Nene, ‘Hey, I’m here, I checked in…’ [then] some of the producers came in and said ‘Oh, the girls are over at Del Friscos eating.’ I’m like ‘huh?!?! No one called me’ So I was like Okay, I knew something was up then.

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V103: Why do you want to do that show?

Why not Ryan? It’s a job. It’s a legal job, I don’t have any children, and it’s a great platform. I mean, why I wouldn’t do it?  I’m not married, I don’t have any kids I have to worry about going to school and being picked at or breaking up my happy home, it’s just me. I mean I’m doing great. I’m getting appearance 2 to 3 times a month, I’m getting speaking engagements, and it’s just great.

V103: How did you get in the middle of all this drama with Nene and Kenya?

I don’t know. I’m so shy and innocent too I was like why did all this drama just attack me?!

V103: Did you teach (Nene) her how to dress?

I mean I feel that I definitely did influence her fashion. I definitely know I told her about her first Birkin. She asked me what diamond studs were, I told her to get diamonds studs. Well, she didn’t know when I first met her, you know Nene always wear big earrings.

V103: So she asked you what diamond studs were?

Mhm, one day when she saw me at taping she was like “What are those things?” I was like uh, omg diamonds. Something you need to get, something a rich b*tch needs. I’m just saying…and she has them, they’re beautiful now, and I love her ring.

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V103: Some people are finding it funny that you are friends with your friend’s enemy. What do you think about all of that?

I think that is so silly Ryan, I really do. I feel that I am grown, you’re grown. I can be friends with whoever I want to be with. First of all, Kenya is not Nene’s enemy; maybe now, but at the point when Nene had a problem with me socializing with Kenya , they were not enemies. We went to a vineyard with Nene and a couple more bridesmaids, Kenya and I hit it right off. Kenya’s cool, great energy, she’s a fun girl…Right there in front of Nene, I’m like ‘Hey Kenya, I got two tickets to the Herves show in New York, I invited Nene, if she can’t make it up to New York in time, do you want to meet me and go with me?’

V103: And then what happened?

No problem! It was nothing, we were all fine, and they were talking, having a great time. Nene didn’t make it until the next day; Kenya went with me to the Herves show that day.

V103: But you knew they didn’t like each other.

No, they were taping together, they were talking. Kenya was just at the girls house for Thanksgiving.  What do you not like her for? If she hasn’t dated Greg, or done anything to your children, just because ya’ll both got mouth? ….Just because you don’t get a long it’s okay. Two people are not going to always think alike.

V103: Who is going to get kicked off? (Did Bravo tell you guys about the 0% tolerance for violence?)

I didn’t hear that. But I know definitely Bravo isn’t excited about violence.

V103: So Porsha and Kenya getting into that fight, something is going to come of it right?

I think something will come of it. I really think so and I know definitely Kenya will not be going anywhere.

V103: If the RHOA ship was starting to sink…and you could only save one person, who would you save?

It would be Kenya..Kenya and Nene would be tied, they’re both great for TV. Nene is a fool to me because if she was smart, I would be like ‘Marlo, Kenya, let’s make a show.’ Like you too emotional and in your feelings about me boo, you making people think we done dated or something it ain’t that serious. I’m saying, ‘What are you mad about? What is wrong with you girl?’ You need to be getting a production team and say Marlo and Kenya come on my team and stop hating and say we all good TV.

V103: Who would you kick off?

Porsha. Porsha would go …Because Porsha I would want to keep just for cuteness.  To me, Porsha is really cute, cute shape, but she doesn’t really bring it. But she’s eye candy, I’ll give her that and she’s a cutie pie and I don’t know her. But she’s definitely a cutie now, she’s one of the cutest on there.

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