Tia Mowry Reveals She Made Her Husband Wait A Year To Kiss Her

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Ladies take note, taking things slow when it comes to dating, isn’t some old school back in the day ‘thing’ that no longer works. According to Tia Mowry, she and her now husband, Cory Hardict, took things slow at the beginning of their relationship. In an interview with EBONY, she explains that initially, the two were simply friends:

My husband and I, we were friends for a whole year before we decided to start dating. And even once we started dating, we waited. I lost my virginity at 25. So we even waited for a while to even get intimate. This works for some people and it doesn’t work for some people and it’s OK. That’s what I mean by baggage. Know and learn and understand what baggage can you handle and what can you not handle.

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The Baggage Claim actress reveals that a lesson that her dad instilled in her early on that it takes takes two years to learn who a person REALLY is at their core. She explains:

I knew that I personally could not handle jumping into a relationship and getting physical and then realizing that this person can care less about me. I can’t do that. That’s what really helped Cory and I see if this was real. And my dad always taught me, “You always feel a person, who they are, in two years. In two years, you will know who that person is. Hopefully if they’re a sane, healthy person—there are some con artists out there—you learn them.” I was coming from Sister Sister and I needed to know that this was a real relationship and see if this person really wanted to be my friend.

And for those of us who are single and are still looking (or waiting) for Mr. Right, she dishes a bit of advice:

I think the advice that I would give for single women is, we all have this kind of Prince Charming that we envision, but nobody is perfect. I always hear about someone who has pages and pages of qualifications in a man. Well, if you’re not realistic, you’re always going to just be dissatisfied. The other thing is, everybody has baggage. Like every car, there’s always something in the trunk, always. It’s just whether or not we can handle this person’s baggage. So if this person has baggage, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to lose hope. I think once we become aware of what kind of baggage we can handle, I think that becomes helpful.

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