Gayle King Once Wrapped Herself In Saran Wrap In The Bedroom + Oprah Says ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Spicy All The Time’

Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King

The Dynamic Duo Oprah & Gayle Goes Live Discussing The Effects Of The Pandemic

From talking about keeping things spicy in the bedroom to embracing their gray hair, media mogul Oprah Winfrey and her longtime bestie, television personality Gayle King reunited digitally over the weekend, bringing back their epic “OG Chronicles” web series.


The two began with revealing how long they’ve been quarantined. Gayle King said she’d been in her New York City home for 32 days while Oprah Winfrey has been quarantining on the other side of the country in California since March 10. It’s been a while since the pair have physically met up, so it was all smiles during the session.

During their conversation, they also dished on embracing their gray hair. Gayle King expressed her opinion that you should embrace your gray if you want, while Oprah Winfrey made it clear she wasn’t ready to rock her natural gray hair just yet, and she wanted everyone to know that she’s not the person to come to for advice.

“I haven’t embraced my gray, so I would not be the person to advise anyone on embracing their gray.”

A little further into the conversation a viewer asked the two about tips on spicing things up in the bedroom. Gayle responded rapidly and gave Oprah the spotlight…

“Well, I ain’t got no partner…so maybe you should take this. Do you recommend wrapping yourself in saran wrap?, I tried that once.”

Oprah stepped in with some gems to let us know that everything doesn’t always have to be spicy. In fact, she explained that she and her life partner for more than 20 years, Stedman Graham, who she just reunited with after making him quarantine in the guest house, were doing something they have never done in their life before, a puzzle!

She said,

“It doesn’t have to be spicy all the time, sometimes mild is really okay, sometimes mild is really okay”.

The conversation then shifted a little when they were asked if they could pick one celebrity to quarantine with, who would they choose. Without hesitation, Oprah responded first with Bradley Cooper, which is a good friend of hers.

“We have really good conversations over text, we have good conversations you know over the phone, when we’re together we have great conversations.”

Bradley Cooper

Gayle gave us her reply but shut it down quick because her quarantine buddy is not on the market

“I would choose The Rock if he wasn’t married, but since he is married that’s a nonstarter.”

The Rock

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Written By: Gabby Williams

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta