[AUDIO] Floyd Mayweather Blasts Ex Shantel Jackson During Radio Interview: She faked her miscarriage!

then the people from Showtime said, That’s not a good idea. And I asked the people why not. They said, Floyd this is not a miscarriage, this is an abortion. So, I never knew that.

On being used financially by Shantel: 

All they worried about his looks and putting people down. All they worried about is money and fame….It’s just like a desperation for fame….She basically sold her Bentley. She sold her Bentley, had got money. She had sold two cars and got money traded in for one and got like $80K. I was upset with her…She was with Floyd Mayweather and left her money in a bad area…I at least put a gate around her mother house…Made sure her bills was paid…I was in love with a person that I didn’t know.

Shantel’s popularity on social media: 

You didn’t just wake up on get all those followers on Instagram…You don’t just wake up and get all of those followers on Twitter.

On Shantel having cosmetic surgery:

All she worry about is looks…talking about ‘I don’t wanna mess my body up’…She’s like ‘This girl don’t look better than me’ … ‘That girl has a fake booty’, ‘Look at that girl with the fake breasts’ but I’m like, everything that you got on you is fake. You got a fake butt. You got fake titties. I mean, you got work done on your face….You’re doing the same thing…That’s how you knew my love was genuine. I loved you from the heart because I accepted you for how you looked. No breasts, no butt, no face work, I accepted you because it was real love and pure love.

Floyd also shares that Nelly use to date one of Shantel’s friends. According to Floyd, the young lady confided in Shantel that Nelly is on steroids, borrowed a 1/2 million from his ex-girlfriend Ashanti, etc. He says that Shantel is using Nelly as a ‘stepping stone’ to get a reality show.

Listen to the full interview below.