[AUDIO] Floyd Mayweather Blasts Ex Shantel Jackson During Radio Interview: She faked her miscarriage!

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Just 24 hours before his big fight, Floyd Mayweather Jr. had some personal things to get off his chest. As previously reported, earlier this week, he publicly blasted his ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson on Instagram accusing her of secretly having an abortion. Yesterday, Floyd held a radio interview with V-103’s Big Tigger.

During the conversation, he talks alleges that Shantel mislead him into believe that she had a miscarriage, not an abortion. He says that she used him to take care of her and her family. He also says that Shantel has had a lot of plastic surgery, but often time would make negative remarks about other women’s bodies (he says she has had work done on her breasts, face and behind). Check out a few excerpts.

On why he decided to share private information, publicly when he previously said he likes to keep his ‘private life’ private: 

Well in the beginning, I’ve always, If I do have a woman that’s my better half. I always let them know. You know, what we do is private? But sometime I guess, people like to go public with certain things and you can react. And you find out certain things.

 On him learning that Shantel had an abortion, not a miscarriage: 

Well you know, at first I received basically some information that was false. Then when I went on TV, I spoke about the situation I thought about the situation. I though let me put the picture on All Access. But