[EXCLUSIVE] Sundy Carter On Friendship With Jackie Christie, Who Should Be Fired From the Show & How Reality TV Strained Her Love Life

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With the season three of VH1?s popular Basketball Wives LA officially over, theJasmineBRAND.com caught up with controversial newbie, Sundy Carter. The Philadelphia-bred mother of three spoked candidly about her first season on the hit VH1 show. Does she consider Jackie Christie a REAL friend? What did viewers NOT see that happened during her brawl with Sundy Carter? Is she upset about Shaunie O’Neal’s statement addressing her argument with cast member Brandi Maxiell? Who should be booted off the show? Find out during our exclusive conversation.
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Why she refers to herself as the villain:
I just felt like once I saw how I was portrayed, I just felt like ‘Wow, I look like the villain’ . Even though in the moment when we were actually filming, I didn’t feel like i was being the villain but once you see the playback its like OK, I see exactly what picture is being painted and I just kinda owned it. It wasn’t in a bad or negative or malicious way, it’s just there’s always a villain. Whether your’e doing a movie, a soap opera, a regular TV show, you always have that villain. So, that’s just how I looked, when I saw it I just looked at myself like ‘Oh wow, I look like the villain, so let me own that real quick’.
If she considers Jackie Christie a real friend: 
 Yea, we’re really friends, we’re friends off camera…I love her honesty, I love the fact that she just doesn’t hold any punches and it just kinda reminds me of myself.
What viewers didn’t see during her fight with Draya Michele:
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