[VIDEO] Rasheeda & Kirk Frost Address Paternity Drama, Benzino’s Shooting & Upgraded LHHA Security

Kirk Frost and Rasheeda

The new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta kicked off this week and it’s previewing to be the most epic season to date. As all the cast work their own press rounds, Kirk and Rasheeda stop by V103 to clear their own air. Setting themselves up to be easily ridiculed, the new parents keep cool as hosts Ryan Cameron and Wanda Smith poked fun of Kirk not believing his son to be his own. With all the different story lines needing to be discussed, Kirk reiterated why he questioned his child’s paternity, Benzino’s shooting, and their new daily security guard.

Kirk Frost

Why did you go down that road Kirk?

Kirk Frost: I’m going to be honest. It’s a honest answer. First of all, I found out I had another child, I met him when he was almost 18 years old. I felt like another guy was raising my child until he was 18-year-old. I feel like I was robbed of knowing I had a child for that many years. For me, if I have anymore kids, I don’t want to take the woman’s word on it I want to check myself.

In the trailer you were swabbing the kid, what was up with that? 

That’s me checking to make sure that’s my child. Everybody talking about how light skin your kids, I’m not going to torture myself and sit here and listen, now I know. I’m not saying its right or wrong, I’m just tired of that.

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It’s a reality show, I couldn’t believe we went to a funeral, y’all doing a lot.

Kirk: It’s reality, Benzino mom’s passed. They should have been there to support him and I’m sorry it happened to Benzino but its something he really went through.

That’s crazy, that’s not good timing.

Rasheeda: It’s never good timing when you lose a parent.

Rasheeda V103

In the midst of filming a reality show and them him being in the hospital.

Rasheeda: Him being in the hospital was because he was at the funeral.

Kirk: He almost was joining the funeral at the same time.

Rasheeda: I have been talking to people about it and I don’t know everything that went on but when you lose a parent here comes insurance money, family members mad and already mad at you thinking you’re on TV and now you’re different. A lot of things brewed up in his situation and it turned crazy.

We’ve been hearing because all the stuff that’s happened on the show, y’all now have a security detail? 

Rasheeda: To a certain extent.

Kirk: Our job is crazy, you’re going through metal detectors.

Not only are you guys fellow cast members but regular individuals run up on you.

Rasheeda: It’s like that, now even when we’re working they take on extra precautions not only to protect you, maybe from getting into it with another cast mate but other people who just wilding out. People do crazy stuff—so we have to keep extra security on deck because people be getting out of hand.




(Sonia Murray – CBS Local)

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels