[VIDEO] T.I. Explains Why He Confronted Apollo: I Can’t Have No Slandering!

Wondering what really happened between rapper T.I. and Apollo Nida, during their awkward verbal exchange recently in Atlanta? Well, we’ve got the scoop. As previously reported, the Real Housewives of Atlanta  reality star tried to justify his cooperation agreement by comparing it to T.I.’s and Michael Vick’s plea deal through a tweet (that has since  been deleted).
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After the tweet got out, T.I. and Apollo had a conversation about the ‘controversy’, in an Atlanta parking lot during an event (both attended Sister 2 Sister Magazine’s ‘Ladies Night Out’ event).
On Friday, T.I. visited V-103’s the Big Tigger Show, just one day after their light-weight disagreement. When asked what happened between him and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, T.I. explained:
To be honest with you man, my phone rang and somebody said dude said such and such and I hadn’t seen it but I’d say within 30 minutes just low and behold I just happened to be at an event and I saw him. So I asked him what’s up with that and then he said he didn’t say it, so I asked him to clarify it so people wont be misconstrued and I went on about my day…I can’t have no slandering. If you’re going
Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta