[EXCLUSIVE] New Lawsuit Details Released! Blackstreet Member Charges Teddy Riley With Fraud & Embezzlement

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There’s a court battle brewing between members of the popular 90’s group Blackstreet. One if it’s members has accused the other of deceiving their fans along with embezzling money the band makes.

Blackstreet Co-Founder Chauncey Black has filed a federal lawsuit against band mate Teddy Riley. Black claims that Riley is tricking fans by using the name Blackstreet for performances and singing with other non-band members.

Black explains that he is the sole owner of the copyright for the band name “Blackstreet”. He says that since May 2013, Riley has used the name Blackstreet when performing and replaced the original members with work for hire performers.

teddy riley-chaunce black-blackstreet lawsuit-the jasmine brand

He says that Riley had signed an agreement to NOT use the name without prior authorization. Also, Black explains that Riley uses the old band pictures in advertisements for his recent performances and pictures that feature Black.

Black says Riley has caused trouble for years and refuses to perform with the band due to him not getting along with Black. He says that Riley has caused them to cancel multiple concerts and even would refuse to go on stage when Black was present for performances.

Black says he has attempted to email and call Riley to have him cease using the name, but he refuses to respond to his communications.

He says that Riley’s actions are causing him harm financially and continue to violate the agreement they both signed. He alleges that Riley is interfering with his ability to book concerts and is also deceiving the public into thinking the original band is performing when Riley advertises his performances as Blackstreet concerts.

Black even says Riley has embezzled money earned from the band by using his family members to place the money into different accounts without the other band mates knowing.

Black is seeking an injunction against Riley from using the name, damages for his infringement and all money made from Riley from using the name to be awarded to him. Read the EXCLUSIVE court documents!

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This week, Riley responded on Instagram. He posted the photo below, with the caption:

I love this and had to dedicate it to Aaron Hall, Damion Hall, Chauncey Andre Hannibal, Eric Williams, Levi Little, & and all that made money off of me, & my music still. I named names cause