[EXCLUSIVE] Kansas City Chiefs: We Didn’t Cause Jovan Blecher to Kill Girlfriend & Commit Suicide

jovan-belcher-dinner-with-brittni-before-murder-suicide-the-jasmine-brand (1)

The Kansas City Chiefs are adamant they did not cause Jovan Blecher to murder his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and then kill himself, this according to newly filed court docs.

jovan-belcher-murder-suicide-the-jasmine-brand (1)

As previously reported, in 2012  the then 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player shot and killed his girlfriend then followed it with his own suicide. The two had a newborn daughter Zoey, whose custody was awarded to a family member of Jovan’s girlfriend. The estate of Zoey filed a wrongful death suit against the Chiefs claiming they ignored signs and allowed him to damage his brain over the years.