Tammy Rivera Says “Marriage Bootcamp” Editing Is ‘Full Of S***’, After Series Shows Her Arguing Over Waka Flocka

Tammy Rivera Says Marriage Bootcamp Editing Is ‘Full Of S***’, After Series Shows Her Arguing Over Waka

Tammy Rivera has reached her breaking point with WeTV’s Marriage Boot Camp. theJasmineBRAND broke the story back in 2018 that the pair were cast on the hit show.

She took to Instagram to post a screenshot of a text conversation between her and her co-star, Lil Mo, after the series made it look as if she was going off about another woman at a strip club with her husband, rapper Waka Flocka, on Thursday night’s episode.

“Lmao you see how they lied and said I was arguing over a b**** in the club??” Rivera asked Lil Mo in the text convo.

Her other co-stars, Tiffany Campbell, girlfriend to Lil Fizz, Jessica Dime, and Nia Riley agreed that it was a mess.

“I keep rewinding it like wait a minute!! When did this happen? Who said this? WTF GOIN ONNN,” Lil Mo responded.

Rivera side eyed the producers and editing making it look like she was arguing with her husband about another woman and got a few things off her chest in her Instagram caption.

“Tonight episode of #MBC was FULL OF S***!! The Whole episode!!” said Rivera.

“I know y’all want to make a good show but not at the expense of our REAL LIVES!!”

She said she caught on to “some capping going on” after a moment with Jessica Dime didn’t make sense.

“To know the obstacles me and my husband been through and edit a WHOLE F***ING LIE is playing with our life like Dime said!!”

She said in reality, she was really going off on production for having her and her husband at an L.A. strip club with no security to begin with.

“My husband wasn’t tripping but I was! Cause I have to watch his back as his wife, so I went TF OFF!” she said.

“Streets don’t give a damn about no TV s***!”

After all that, she ended her post with saying that up until this episode, the show has actually been a solid and truthful portrayal of her and Waka’s life and love.

“I’m disappointed that our real personalities, arguments, laughter and struggles wasn’t enough for you guys that you had to spice it up by EDITING A STRAIGHT LIE!”

Check out the post below.

By –Char Patterson

Authored by: Kellie Williams