[WATCH] August Alsina & Pusha Face Suicide In ‘FML’ Video


August Alsina confronts death and the price of fortune in his new video for his new single “FML” (F*ck My Life) off of his new album Testimony. The video, which he co-directed with Payne Lindsey, opens with a bloody and confused Pusha T as he witnesses himself  dead being carried off in a stretcher into an ambulance.




As August’ verse comes in, it turns to investigators discovering him hanging from a rope inside the house before we see what led to his suicide.


He expresses to his fans that he is shocked that he has became the big heart-throb singer that he is now while he burns money and wears a hat with the word death written on the front.


Towards the end of the video, August gives some hope to the viewers and to people struggling with depression and suicide with the quote:

I’ve been where you are. Through the struggle and through the pain. It’s what makes us stronger than most. When there seems to be no way forward you have to make a way.

He also gives out the number to the national suicide prevention lifeline.


Take a look at the grim video below: WARNING -This video contains graphic content.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta