Mack Wilds: ‘Everybody wants to be the next Denzel or Will Smith or Jay-Z’

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Rapper-Singer/Actor, Mack Wilds (real name Tristan Paul Mack Wilds) is definitely ‘living it like he owns it’. In this months issue of Bleu Magazine, the 25-year-old opens up about his life passions, future ambitions and more. Check out a few excerpts from his interview.


About his new music and recent nomination:

It means so much. It’s a huge accolade just to be recognized by the Recording Academy. It means people are actually listening to my music, and that they actually like it…I haven’t really been out there yet to fully understand what it means to be “Grammy-nominated artist”, It’s quite apparent that the impact is there though.



On jumping from acting to music and going in other routes in entertainment:

Of course it’s been a transition. People have been talking to the music in a great way, it hasn’t been too much of a battle. There are things that I like to pop my head into, so you know when you’ll never know when you’ll see me anywhere.


On believing in his unique and creative talent:

Everybody wants to be the next Denzel or Will Smith or Jay-Z, I just want to be Mack Wilds. This is only the beginning.


On the theatrical feel of his debut LP New York:A Love Story:

I mainly just wanted to pay homage to Wu-Tang in my own way. I was trying to recreate Wu Tang’s Ain’t Nothing to F*ck With, but adding elements to give it that theatrical tone.

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