[INTERVIEW] Adrienne Bailon On ‘The View’ Comparisons, Why She Hasn’t Reached Out to Rob Kardashian & What She Loves Most About Her Boyfriend

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The countdown is on for new daytime talk show, The Real. Pegged as a show that is led by five bold, diverse and outspoken personalities, we caught up with one if the show’s hosts, Adrienne Bailon, at the TCA Summer 2014 Press Tour Invite. As expected, the former Cheetah singer/actress was quite transparent during our conversation.

Adrienne's Dress: Robert Cavalli

Adrienne’s Dress: Roberto Cavalli

Does she get annoyed with The Real’s comparison to The View? Will she ever get another tattoo? When is the last time she’s spoken to her ex Rob Kardashian? What doe she love MOST about her boyfriend? 

Check out our conversation below.

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theJasmineBRAND: So are you nervous at all about the show coming back permanently?

No, I’m excited. I think its been a long time, literally almost a year. We’ve just been looking forward to getting back to it. Literally I have a section in my phone in my notes that are topics and things that have happened to me everyday that I’m like ‘Yo, this would be such a good conversation that I can have with my girls.’ So we’ve saved up everything from over the last year that we’re ready to come back and discuss.

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theJasmineBRAND: Who was the first person that you called when you found out that it was picked up?

I actually found out two days after my 30th birthday. I went on vacation in St.Martin and I called my parents. I literally was like there is so much to celebrate, I just turned 30, I’m on this beautiful island and I called my parents and was like ‘We got it!’ They have been praying, I think they see this as a great opportunity for me. I felt like it never felt like work. I just feel like it’s crazy when I look back at at my career from where I started to where I’m at now, being in this business now for 15 years is a blessing in itself and to continue to get opportunities and for God to continue to open doors, it’s a blessing so I’m excited.

theJasmineBRAND: What denomination are you?

Well, I was raised Pentecostal and I’m definitely Christian but I’m non-denominational. So, I go to Hillside and if I can’t make it to Hillside, I watch Pastor Joel Osteen on Lakewood. I love him, I went to go see him at Yankee Stadium and I brought my family, so yeah.

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theJasmineBRAND: Do you ever get frustrated being asked about the comparisons about The Real and The View?

Yeah, I mean we get the comparison. I get why you would say that. It’s the same format with 5 women at the table, but I think what makes this show completely different is the actual cast. We make it different, the way we feel about things are–our points of view are completely different than I’ve ever seen on The View. I’m not a journalist. I’m certainly not Barbara Walters. I’m not P.C., I might not always say the right thing but it’s just how I feel and I’m sure there is going to be somebody out there that’ll be like ‘Damn I was thinking exactly that but I thought it wasn’t the right thing to say’. That’s us. You think it, we say it.

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theJasmineBRAND: Everyone has been buzzing about you getting the tattoo of your ex removed, what’s the status?

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