Future’s Alleged 6th Baby Mama Says She Only Came Forward Because She Feared For Her Life

Future’s Alleged 6th Baby Mama Says She Only Came Forward Because She Feared For Her Life

Future needs to change his song title to “Maternity Madness!” As we previously reported, model Eliza Reign spilled her story on social media about allegedly being pregnant by rapper Future. She also claimed that he tried to force her to have an abortion. Well, Eliza recently took to social media again – not to refute her claims, but to explain why she brought her story to the light. She explained with an Instagram Story:

“I’m gonna say this once, do not wait on receipts. Ofcourse I have a few, but as I said, this is not about that. I will not post them, or give them to the blog to post. I understand how serious my claims are. And I truly don’t want to make him look worse. As I said earlier, I am far from an angel. I understand exactly why he’s upset. I’ve only spoke on the danger I feel I’m in. That’s all this is about. So if something happens to me ppl would know what I’ve been going through. That’s it.”


Wow. She previously explained not only the dangerous nature of her relationship with Future, but the danger of her pregnancy in general. Eliza revealed:

“As many people who know me outside of social media have suspected. I am pregnant! I wanted to enjoy this moment and take time off social media to bond with my unborn child and RELAX, which was highly recommended by my doctor, considering it’s a high risk pregnancy. I also have been dreading this moment because the attention and dragging that would come with this announcement…I feel that no woman should have to endure the mental abuse and stress I’ve encountered behind this pregnancy.”

If paternity is proven, Eliza Reign will be Future’s sixth baby mama, with dancer Joie Chavis set to deliver any day now.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay