[VIDEO] K. Michelle On Elle Varner Fall Out: She Stole My Song, She Wanted To Be Me

K MichelleK. Michelle is an extremely hard working singer. Between her music, her reality star status, and her beefs we don’t know how she does it. Most recently the Mona Scott Young signee chucked the deuces to her stint on Love and Hip Hop and began a new chapter. Incorporating her album Rebellious Soul, she alongside Idris Elba turned her words into a musical airing tonight (August 19th) on VH1. In preparation for its debut she stopped by Hot 97’s morning show to promote it and address a few things, including her vagina (her words, not ours) and beef with former friend, singer Elle Varner. Peep the excerpts below.

Hot 97: You’re no longer cool with Elle Varner?

K. Michelle: No, absolutely not.

elle varner addresses beef with kmichelle and meek mill the jasmine brand

Hot 97: Was this over Meek Mill?

That’s what they want to think. I have never slept with Meek in my life. We flirt and poke, but we don’t poke. So it wasn’t any of that. You guys be looking at people on TV  and you guys get perspective of people because you see them or they don’t go off on Twitter but you don’t get to see the behind the scenes. You see me being loud all the time. But you don’t get in that situations. Even management was like, “she’s worse than you.’ But because I speak out on something, then I’m wrong. I had a record, it was my favorite record but I wasn’t allowed to put out that record because management said it was too big. I’m supposed to be the little black girl singing about heartbreak and I’m not supposed to grow and be me. They place you in a lane and make you stay in that lane.

It would have to be worked in every format. It’s always not yet. With that situation for my friend at that time. I played the record, next thing I know she threw her shoe, jumped and said, ‘oh my god, this is a great record.’ When she went through that break up with Iman she was searching for a identity. She wanted to be more sexy and she was hanging around me and started to curse—But she played me a record and she said ‘you like my record,’ and I was like, ‘that’s my record.’ Then you went to the same producer, I came to you like a woman, I said, ‘this my record, you put that out, that sounds like me.’


Hot 97: When you say that, you mean, she copied your style?

Yeah but I said it to you as a friend in a proper manner. I said it to management in a proper manner. So after all of that, I go to my management and expressed my concern. And they promised me it would be handled, but she’s the princess at the management. I’m the bad guy but the only one making money over there…You tell me, ‘oh we don’t like that record, that record ain’t goin’ to come out.’ When I look up and you let her sing my record. When I’m the only one booking shows every week and paying 20% commission and you can say Elle Varner, the queen of MBK. So the Twitter post that caused so much of it. If you know I did have a crush on Meek and you know that as my friend that me and Meek do this. You get on Twitter and say, ‘Meek tried to talk to me and I swerved him.’ Okay, why would you do that to your friend? She wanted attention because no one gives a f*ck about that India Arie music. No offense to India Arie.

K Michelle

Hot 97: You look hurt.

By my friend. I am hurt because that was my friend. I am very hurt that I tried to be there for you through your break up and you turned into a mini K. Michelle. That really hurt me and when I talked to you about it woman to woman, you continued to twerk on tables like me.

Hot 97: You’re very into your pu—y, any details that you can give us about her?

She’s magical. I feel like now that she’s gotten back on track, she’s amazing.

Hot 97: Does she have a name?

Maybe like America Ninja or something.

Hot 97: Is she being taken care of by somebody else?

Man, I’m human, man. I mean you know. I swing on poles a little bit for some one I’m talking to. This feel so weird talking to you.

Hot 97: Older than you or younger than you?

A little bit younger than me.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels