Matthew Knowles Quietly Working On Destiny’s Child Movie [Sony Email Leak!]

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By now, you’ve heard the news. A group who calls themselves the Guardians of Peace have released private company emails from execs at Sony. What’s the big deal? Well, some of the internal emails (which were never meant to see the public light) include inappropriate, sometimes racist comments about some of Hollywood starlets. As previously reported, one exec referred to Kevin Hart as a ‘whore‘. Another leaked Sony email included some borderline (depending on whom you ask) racist jokes about President Obama.

So what’s the latest? Over the weekend, more of Sony’s emails have been released to the public. While none seem to be too sensitive in nature as of yet, details of upcoming projects have been released.


In fact, there’s an email noting that Mathew Knowles had plans to create and shop a Destiny’s Child movie. In an email dated for December 4, 2013, Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper tells Sony’s Amy Pascal and others: