Nicki Minaj’s Split With Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuels Is Getting Messy

nicki-minaj-scaff-beezy-messy split-safaree-jasmine-brand

It’s safe to say, things are sorta-kinda getting messy between Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend, Safaree ‘Scaff Beezy’ Samuels. After a lengthy, semi-private relationship — neither have ever publicly spoke about their 12-year romantic relationship — the two are speaking publicly, but in a subliminal manner, for all spectators to witness. Minaj recently rhymed about Safaree, on her new single Bed of Lies. She rhymes:

You could never make eye contact
Everything you got was based off of my contacts
You a fraud, but I’mma remain icon-stat
Balenciaga’s on my boots with the python strap

Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Safaree break-up-the jasmine brand

You was caught up in the rush, and you was caught up in the thrill of it
You was with me way before, I hit a quarter mil’ in it
Put you in the crib and you ain’t never pay a bill in it
I was killin’ it, man you got me poppin’ pills in it
I told Baby hit you, I said this nigga buggin’
Cause I was doing it for us, I told em f*ck the public
Couldn’t believe that I was home alone, contemplating
Overdosin’, no more coastin’, no more toastin’ over oceans

Meanwhile, Safaree is addressing their split via social media. Over the weekend, he tweeted about reports that he cheated on Nicki. He wrote: