(EXCLUSIVE) Bruno Mars Concert Security Accused of Beating Man At Concert, Giving Him PTSD

Meek Mill

Meek Mill

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, a Pennsylvania man that brought his fiancé to a Bruno Mars concert claims that he was assaulted and beaten by multiple security guards, leaving him with PTSD.

A man named Thomas A. Miller filed suit against Live Nation over a brutal beat down he suffered while trying to enjoy a Bruno Mars concert.

Thomas and his fiancé bought tickets for the July 12th, 2014 concert at the Hersey Park Stadium in Pennsylvania. They arrived to the stadium and entered the venue after their valid tickets were scanned.

They were at their assigned seats until two girls came over and said those were their seats. Then the “head of security”, a female user and another guard came over and a scene was caused.

Despite being in their correct seats, they choose to move because they were accused of sitting in someone else’s spot.

Once the concert started, two other security guards came over and told them they “have to go”, even though they had tickets. When Thomas protested, another guard came over and then two other individuals came over and yanked him over a four foot gate. He says after he was pulled over the gate, 6 security guards pulled and dragged him out of the stadium.

He says they sat on him and without provocation, violently and brutally assaulted and battered him with great force by punching and kicking him and throwing him violently to the ground. He alleges that they also hit him with severe blows to his head, face and other parts of his body

The man allegedly suffered trauma to his forehead, multiple abrasions, scarring, injuries to the right lateral interior knee, skin lacerations and abrasions, injuries to his eyes and severe psychological injuries including PTSD, depression, impaired memory, inability to concentrate and anxiety. He filed suit demanding unspecified damages from Live Nation for their negligence.
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Authored by: Kellie Williams