(EXCLUSIVE) Michael Jackson – Estate Lawyer Sued By MJ’s Ex-Business Partner Over Memorabilia Deal

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s ex-business partner is suing the late singers lawyer, accusing him of mismanaging a business deal selling off the largest collection of MJ’s memorabilia, theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

A man named Henry Vaccaro filed suit against Michael Jackson’s attorney John Branca, accusing him of defaming his good name.

Here’s the back story — Vaccaro reportedly sold off the Kramer Guitar Company to the Jackson family back in 1993. The family – including Michael – were to work together on several projects together following the sale. However, the family reportedly failed to make the payments per the deal and eventually Vaccaro won judgements against them. He used those judgements to seize assets and has one of the largest collections of Jackson family memorabilia to this day.