(EXCLUSIVE) LMFAO – Rick Ross Should Thank Us, Our Song Helped Him Make MONEY!

Rick Ross-LMFAO Lawsuit-the jasmine brand

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, the music group LMFAO is blasting Rick Ross’ legal battle against them for allegedly stealing lyrics from his hit “Hustlin” , claiming he should be thanking them — because following the release of their parody his record sold more than it ever had.

The group and Ross are reportedly battling over the lyric, “everyday I’m shufflin” in their hit song “Party Rock Anthem“. The rapper hit the group with a federal lawsuit claiming their song infringes on his copyright and lyric “everyday I’m hustlin” and demanded they be ordered to pay damages. LMFAO fired back claiming they did not infringe on the rapper’s copyright and wanted the legal battle thrown out.

Then on December 29th, LMFAO reportedly filed new docs in the case explaining to the court that Rick Ross – if anything –

should be thankful for them including the lyric in their song.

The group says that the rapper’s claim their song caused him to lose revenue due to others not wanting to sample the song– following the release of “Park Rock Anthem“, is not true. They state that Rick Ross’ song sold more copies after they put out their song.

Further, they say that the rapper made more in digital revenue in 2011 and 2012 than were sold in 2010 before LMFAO released their song “Party Rock Anthem”.

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The group even reportedly goes as far as stating Ross made the highest amount of domestic licenses money from his song in 2012, more than any other year since the rapper dropped the song in 2006.

LMFAO says if anything their song is a parody of the rappers track and they are demanding his entire lawsuit be thrown out.

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