(EXCLUSIVE) Bobby Brown Demands $1.1 Million From Author Who Claimed He Was to Re-Marry Whitney Houston

Singer Bobby Brown multitasks as he eats his yogurt and chats on the phone while walking on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Bobby Brown is demanding $1.1 million dollars from the author who claimed he was set to leave his fiance and re-marry Whitney Houston shortly before her death, claiming the article he published lost him numerous contracts and jobs.

Brown reportedly sued The National Enquirer and the author of an article that ran shortly after Houston’s death that claimed the two had reconciled and were planning to remarry.

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Brown claimed the article defamed him by claiming they had been planning a Vegas wedding prior to her death along with statements attributed to him saying he stated to friends he believed he could have prevented her death, that he broke up with his fiance because he wanted to get back with Whitney and also claimed his finance understood due to Whitney was the love of his life.