Bitter Breakups! Jordin Sparks Talks Split From Jason Derulo, Moving On & Not Being Into Drake [VIDEO]

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Jordin Sparks has stepped out the shadows of the good girl image that was bestowed upon her during her “American Idol” days. After her reported split last year with singer Jason Derulo, we heard very little of Jordin’s side of story since then, until the release of her own version of Drake’s “How Bout Now” (from her mixtape “Bye, Felicia”). This week, Sparks chatted with Hot 97’s Ebro, Paul Rosenberg and Laura Stylez dishing on her ex boo, what type of woman she is in relationships, and if Drake will be her next relationship. Peep a few excerpts.

Hot 97: Obviously your most recent relationship, your first love or was your first love and I remember seeing you on stage with the promise ring and being like listen this is where it’s at for me, this is what I’m doing blah, blah, blah, and you thought this was going to be the one, you went into this thinking this was the one and then all of a sudden breaks on and all of a sudden it’s a wrap and we don’t really know what happened…

 Jordin Sparks: Right! Well, ok, so guys, so, I really don’t know how to explain it except for things never really got talked about; I still haven’t spoken to him. So there’s that. That’s really all I can say.

Hot 97: How long were you guys together, officially?

 Jordin Sparks: 3 years.

 Hot 97: 3 years and you are telling us right now, that your relationship with Jason Derulo ended on like a “hey, that was fun, alright I’ll see you soon, blah, blah, blah”. He didn’t call, you didn’t call, he didn’t call, you didn’t call, never talked again? 

 Jordin Sparks: Oh, no, I called because I’m one of those people like no, we need to talk through this. I would rather deal with it and move past it, so nothing like ya know develops and like imagination goes wild and all that stuff. So, I was like let’s talk about this like why are you feeling a certain way? Nope, no returned calls, nope, no nothing.

 Hot 97: There was talks about their being pressure to be married and when he was here I asked him, you put her in that ‘Marry Me’ video, so there was a promise ring, what happened?

Jordin Sparks: Oh wait! By the way thank you for that, I watched this interview and was like she got my back girl, yes, so thank you for that! But, ummm, I mean the pressure was gonna be there, anyway. I feel like if you’re in the spot light all while you’re in a relationship people are just going to just be expecting that. There like okay, they’re together, or okay we want these two people to date, they come together and they actually start dating and they’re like okay we want them to stay together and then you want them to get married and commit then you want them to have kids, so like everybody kind of like just they want those things, so the pressure was naturally gonna be there anyway, especially because we’re in the public eye. So, that was like something we already knew was going to happen and then he wrote the song and I did encourage him to put it on the album because it’s a great song and because I was like…

 Hot 97: And you wanted to marry him?

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