VH1 Prepping to Cancel Controversial Show, ‘Sorority Sisters’

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It appears that the days are numbered for VH1’s “Sorority Sisters.” According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the network is taking the remaining three episodes of the scripted show, scheduling three in a row this Friday night.

For those who would like to tune in, the final episode will start at 11:10 p.m. and end just past midnight. But will not air for those on the west coast. Friday’s reportedly tend to be a relatively low ratings night.

According to the site, this doesn’t mean the show has been officially cancelled and it’s highly unlikely that the network will make a final announcement about it’s oddly scheduled airing.


As you know, from it’s inception, it’s been plagued with a plethora of backlash. In December, a petition was launched asking the public stop watching the show.

Do not allow VH1 to use our beloved sororities as a mean to continue to fuel negative stereotypes of black women. By supporting and watching their new show “Sorority Sisters,” you are helping aid the destruction of our core values and allowing a network to cheapen our legacy by making a mockery of it on national television. Over 100 years of positive guidance has been pumped into our communities through each of our organization’s initiatives.

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By supporting this show, it undermines our founders, our chapters, our leadership, and most importantly ourselves. It’s time to take a stance and refuse to let VH1 to continue to promote these negative images of our women. There is a reason they did not promote this show until 4 days prior to its release. They know the backlash they are about to face. Shows only do well by ratings, so if we do not watch it, it will fail. Take a stance and do not watch “Sorority Sisters” as it premiers this Monday.