Mike Epps Throws Insults At Chris Rock: He’s not a movie star! [VIDEO]

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Comedian Mike Epps is making the rounds promoting his current 42 city stand-up project, After Dark Tour. The tour is actually a combination of shows including the “Black and Brown Comedy Get Down” and “The Real Deal” tour. This week, he made a stop in Dallas, to hang out with the crew of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show. Recently in the lime light for firing off on social media, Mike didn’t bite his tongue as he dismisses Chris Rock as a movie star, jokes about a heavy handed Oprah Winfrey, and gets serious about problems with drugs and alcohol. Peep the excerpts below.

Being done with Twitter:

No more Twitter wars. I’ve been in a lot of Twitter wars. It’s just all fun man. I’m not on Twitter no more. I used to just be on Twitter. Now I’m working all the time. I don’t have time. When you see me having a Twitter war, that means I wasn’t working that much.

On other projects outside of his stand up tour:

I’ve been preparing right now to play the great Richard Pryor with Lee Daniels [film producer and director]. I’m growing my hair out… I think I was born to play the brother. Our lives are so parallel in so many ways.

mike epps-talks oprah-chris rock-tom joyner show-the jasmine brand

Speaking on life parallels that helped him snag the Richard Pryor Role:

You know what, I think that’s why I got it ‘cause, you know, been there myself. I think when you are a real artist, I think that you have, you know, most great artists had some kind of problem at some point in their life. I fight demons all the time. I just think that alcohol and drug addiction is hereditary sometimes, some of us we just can’t fight it, but I’ve been doing really, really good with myself.

Poking fun of Oprah, who plays his grandmother in the Richard Pryor movie:

When I was around her and she said, ‘You have a good day, Mike’ and…she patted me on the back of the back but it was a tough pat it was like – BOW! ‘You have a good day Mike’.

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If Sheryl Underwood would be starring in the Richard Pryor movie:

They gon’ wait for the Wesley Snipes story to do Sheryl Underwood. I hope you ain’t hearing this Cheryl.

What he thinks of the new FOX series Empire:

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