Angela Bassett Explains Why Fans Blamed Bobby Brown For Whitney Houston’s Drug Habit

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Just days before Lifetime debuts Whitney, a made-for-TV film chronicling Whitney Houston’s rise to fame and turbulent relationship with husband Bobby Brown, the film’s director Angela Bassett weighs in on some of the hot button parts of the singer’s life. In an interview with ABC News Radio, Bassett explains why fans (sorta/kinda) blamed Bobby as a negative influence (many fans blamed him for her drug habit), along with the late singer’s drug use. Check out a few excerpts.


In her film, Whitney Houston introduces cocaine to Bobby Brown. Angela explains why:

She was a grown woman and I think we do her detriment when we say that she was so weak minded, this 24-year-old woman. You meet a 19-year-old man and he is such a Svengali and a puppet master that he can make you do lines of cocaine? Just thinking about that I find that hard to believe.

Singer Bobby Brown multitasks as he eats his yogurt and chats on the phone while walking on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA

Why fans blame Bobby Brown for Whitney’s drug habit:

It’s human nature to want to scapegoat and [have] someone to point the finger at, especially

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