(UPDATE) 14-Year-Old Willow Smith’s Topless Shirt Has Folk Freakin’ Out + Willow Responds [Photo]

willow smith boobie shirt-the jasmine brand

Willow Smith (14) is no stranger to controversy. This week, the famous daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, posted a photo (on Instagram) of her wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier top. The shirt (as you can see above) illustrates a woman’s breast.

A few media outlets, posted the photo, with some pretty interesting headlines, causing more attention to the photo.

Willow has since removed the Instagram photo — but has kept it as her profile photo. We posed the question, What are your thoughts on Willow’s topless tee? We posted the photo on our Instagram and got the following reactions.  Check ’em out on the next page.