Ludacris Wins Custody of Youngest Daughter, Cai + Posts Subliminal Instagram Message

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The day before the judge’s decision, Tamika’s personal court testimony was shared publicly. Long story short, Tamika claims that Luda attempted to bribe her to have an abortion.

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She told the courts:

I spent the night with him that night. The next morning I was extremely sick, I mean more than what a morning sickness would be, and I was already going to the doctors for something else and it came out, ‘Well your issue is that you’re pregnant.’

She continues:

I told him the same day that I found out. He was not happy. He cried. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy because he did say ‘You know this isn’t something that we didn’t planned. Let’s move forward and get an abortion. The baby is not going to have a family. It’s not going to be with the mother and the father in the same house. This is just all bad. This is going to ruin life’ and ruin his career.

Luda’s new wife, Eudoxiee, nor Tamika have yet to comment.

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