Sorority Sisters’ Lydia Raquel: The show’s name is what caused so many issues! It’s no longer about sisterhood — just politics and power. [INTERVIEW]

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VH1’s reality TV show, Sorority Sisters, is not through with the juice just yet. More cast members are revealing their experience and involvement with the show. In an exclusive interview
with, cast member Lydia Raquel makes it known just how she was casted; what she thinks viewers true issues were with the show; how politics were involved in the decision to expel the women (from Delta Sigma Theta); and more.

Check out excerpts of our conversation. Before the reality TV show, what were you doing
in terms of your career?

Lydia Raquel: Honestly, I was living a normal lifestyle.  I was still establishing my non-profit for at risk youth, which I started back in 2008. So, I was doing all the paper work and everything for that. I was also auditioning for different dance teams and looking for auditions
and teaching dance.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.16.59 PM  How were you actually casted for the show?

Lydia Raquel: I received the casting information from a friend of mine who is kind of in that circuit, but it was nothing that I would have known about if he had not sent it to me. He was like, ‘This would be perfect for you. You should look into this. You fit all the criteria, why don’t you check it out?’ So I was like okay, cool. It looked interesting enough. Honestly, I’m a skeptic so I wasn’t believing anything until we really got the ball rolling. I met with this lady and she kind of walking me through the process. She asked me a lot of questions about myself and we kind of just kept going from there. It was like ‘okay, well we like you’. You’re one of the last people that we’re going to throw in this cast. So are you interested? From there the rest is history.

delta expells sorority sisters-the jasmine brand Were you initially apprehensive?

Lydia Raquel: I was only because I wasn’t sure what this really was.There’s so many different scams and different things out there I wasn’t really sure this was legit. So when I realized it was a real network, it was a real show and it was really happening I was like okay I’m down. Do you feel that you were edited fairly?


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta