(EXCLUSIVE) 112 Member Slim Blows Off Court Order, Bankruptcy Dismissed Leaving Him on The Hook for $540K Debt

slim 112 member files bankruptcy-the jasmine brand

112 member Slim blew off the court order to hand over financial documents and now his bankruptcy has been dismissed, leaving him to fight off his creditors and pay back the $540k debt he owes on his own — theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Slim (real name Marvin Scandrick) explains in his filing that he only made $30k in 2014, $65k in 2013 and only $25k in 2012 and he only pulled in $3,500 in royalties for last year.

His assets reportedly, include a Georgia home worth 220k, he has $0 in his Chase bank account, $2k in home electronics, only $200 in clothing and a $50 watch. He also owns a pistol worth $250 and a 2005 Lexus worth $8,500. He lists that his assets total only $231k.

Slim says that he does own the copyrights to his music but he cannot sell off the rights unless the other members of 112 agree to do so … which include the hit song, “Peaches and Cream”.

His debts include $272k owned on his mortgage and another $32k on a second mortgage he took out, $2,500 in child support and $10k in back taxes.