Kandi Burruss Is Skeptical Of NeNe Leakes Friendship With Phaedra Parks

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Kandi Burruss is sorta-kinda giving NeNe Leakes the side-eye, in terms of her relationship with Phaedra Parks. If you’re an avid Real Housewives of Atlanta viewer, then you’re quite aware that Phaedra and NeNe have a new found friendship. In fact, Phaedra (who used to be BFF’s with Kandi) has considered the ‘VERY RICH’ cast member a ‘rock’ in helping her through the drama surrounding her now incarcerated husband, Apollo Nida.

phaedra parks-nene leakes-the jasmine brand

During her recent blog post, Kandi admits that she’s skeptical about NeNe’s intentions with Phaedra:

Of course I’m skeptical. NeNe has been nice these last few months, but that does not make me forget the years of drama and insults that have come from her in the past. Yes, I get that people change, but it’s OK for me to proceed with caution as I would’ve thought Phaedra would. Well, hopefully things will continue to be great with them and NeNe can continue to be Phaedra’s rock.