Matt Barnes Talks Bathroom Sex With Baby Mama, Gloria Govan

The sparks are still flying in the bedroom for on and off again couple, NBA baller Matt Barnes and the mother of his child reality star, Gloria Govan.

In a recent interview with Bleu Magazine, he was quite open about groupies on the NBA scene and how he and Gloria keep things interesting sexually. When asked about their bedroom behavior he explained:

“So sometimes that means middle of the day sex.  Sometimes that means after lunch you go and have sex in the bathroom.  We do things outside the norm. I think we were in London last year in a really fancy nice restaurant and….the bathroom.”

LOL, good to know Mr. Barnes. And in non-sex news, Gloria is expanding her reality wings and has plans to hit the big screen. While twitter hustlin’, we learned that she may be involved in some sorta action flick. But don’t fret, she and her sister will be featured in the upcoming season of Basketball Wives LA. In a recent interview, she teased:

“Let me just tell y’all this season of BBWLA (Basketball Wives LA) is going to be steamy”

Steamy? Uh. Okay. Guess we’ll hafta wait and see.

[Jock & Stilletto Jill]