[INTERVIEW] Big Freedia On Reality TV Drama, Revealing Boyfriend’s Identity + Difference Between Twerking & Bouncing!

Big Freedia

Big Freedia

Affectionately referred to as the Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia’s (real name Freddie Ross) continues to reign on reality TV. And with season three under his belt — the New Orleans native whose been singing since a child and has been credited with popularizing the bounce music genre — Freedia promises to share even more of his life on this season of his Fuse reality show, BIG FREEDIA: QUEEN OF BOUNCE. In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Big Freedia shares what viewers can expect season three; if he’s apprehensive about revealing his boyfriend to the world; if he regrets sharing the death of his mother on reality TV and the behind-the-scenes drama! Peep a few excerpts.

theJasmineBrand.com: First of all, congratulations on a third season of Big Freedia: Queen Of Bounce. What do you enjoy most about reality tv?

Big Freedia: Just being able to be myself, be real, and not have it scripted. Just have fun with it. It’s something that I enjoy doing in my everyday life, they followed me and they get to capture the real moments so just being real most of all and being able to be me.

theJasmineBrand.com: What’s most challenging about filming?

Big Freedia: Just when you really want a break and you can’t get a break—what goes and sometimes it gets really scheduling a lot and that could be the most challenging thing sometimes just when you want a day off. It’s just like “I have to film today.”

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theJasmineBrand.com: Now its season three, what’s the biggest difference between this season and the past two seasons?

Big Freedia: A whole lot especially the production value of it. It’s definitely going up you know, each season it’s progressing they stepping it up a notch with each season with the production value of the cameras and with the crew, the cast, wardrobe, make up, and hair. Just everything the whole across the board we just keep stepping it up.

theJasmineBrand.com: I noticed now there’s a lot of drama with your dancers. Mainly it feels like it’s with your female dancers. Was there lots of drama before the show began?

Big Freedia: Just being divas. It’s easy to work with the guys. The girls are always trouble it’s always an issue with the wardrobe, hair, or makeup it’s always an issue with the girls. I’ve learned that in a lot of situations that the guys are laid back their easy to deal with and kind of work with. They won’t mind throwing on the all black. I like it to ride smooth. It’s always a little issue with the girls even before the cameras started rolling, they be late at the airport & the guys will be there on time, it’s just something with them (laughs).

Big Freedia, DeVon

Big Freedia, DeVon

theJasmineBrand.com: Are you nervous about introducing the world to your boyfriend, Devon?


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