[INTERVIEW] Big Freedia On Reality TV Drama, Revealing Boyfriend’s Identity + Difference Between Twerking & Bouncing!

Big Freedia: We’re fine. It was a little bit on the fence so that’s why you didn’t see him on season one and two. Just him being part of it and you know exposing it to the world just letting them see my love life a little bit deeper. But season three, we have to keep some things in the pocket and now it’s time to let some things out. I am a little bit you know things are going to happen behind him coming on the show. There’s definitely going to be some people coming at him.I’m going to be on my job (laughs).

theJasmineBrand.com: What’s the difference between twerking and bouncing? Or is it the same?

Big Freedia: It is the same. Twerking is one of the words that is in the vocabulary of bounce. It’s the same thing. We been bouncing but they call it twerking.

big freedia-late mother-the jasmine brand

Big Freedia with his late mother


theJasmineBrand.com: You lost your mother last season. Do you regret sharing that on the show are are you glad you did?

Big Freedia: I have started to share my mom with the world. She was a big part of the show so when the passing of my mom happened–it was a toss up between do we want to show it or not and me & my family discussed it over and we actually talked about how we want to show it to the world. We sat down and we came up with a plan of what we want to be seen or what we not to be seen, we were happy with the way that the network was in agreement with what we wanted to do and we just moving forward with it. My mom was a strong character on the show. My situation will be able to help people get through their situation so that’s why I felt like wanting to share my story with the world.

theJasmineBrand.com: What is your biggest fear?

Big Freedia: My biggest fear has already happened, losing my mom.

theJasmineBrand.com: What have you learned about love?

Big Freedia: Trust. You know trust is on the things that trust and loyalty is what keeps love going strong.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta