[Interview] Soulja Boy Talks Fatherhood + What Attracted Him & Girlfriend to Reality TV?

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After creating the biggest dance craze of the early 00’s on Myspace, Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) has moved from Atlanta to dealing with love and music in Hollywood. Teddy Riley’s daughter and Soulja’s girlfriend, Nia Riley isn’t new to the bright lights of Hollywood life.

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theJasmineBrand.com correspondent @CorvayaJ sat down with the couple at the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood premiere to discuss Soulja’s parenting skills, how much reality is in reality TV, and fashion. Watch the full interview and check out our conversation below.

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theJasmineBrand: Ladies first. Nia, you have a one-year old and you’ve had to adjust to reconnecting with Soulja Boy and basically putting him in the position to be a parent. How has that been?

Nia Riley: It’s been very positive. I think people have a negative perception about him and he’s an amazing person. He really is. And with my daughter, he’s even more amazing.

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theJasmineBrand: I’m happy to hear that. Soulja, I love to hear that you are being a good parent to Nia’s daughter. You are a young man of our generation. You’re in your twenties, you just turned twenty four. There are going to males younger than you and your age watching the show. What do you want them to see and to take out of you being on this reality show?