(EXCLUSIVE) Joseph Sikora Dishes On New Season of ‘Power’ [Interview]

(EXCLUSIVE) Joseph Sikora Dishes On New Season of 'Power' [Interview]

Joseph Sikora

Joseph Sikora Dishes On New Season of ‘Power’

Actor Joseph Sikora has turned his portrayal of the polarizing, ruthless and violent drug-dealer Tommy Egan into one of the most popular figures on TV. Although Sikora has found fame for his role in Power, he has been working in Hollywood for over twenty years, starring in hit films “Shutter Island” and “Jack Reacher.” Recently, theJasmineBRAND correspondent Chellz caught up with the Chicago native, who dished on season four of Power. Check out a few excerpts from below.

(EXCLUSIVE) Joseph Sikora Dishes On New Season of 'Power' [Interview]

Joseph Sikora & Omari Hardwick

On what to expect from of Power:

There was so much unraveled at the end of season three. Ghost just got pinched – he is going to get locked up. Tommy is now running things Tommy’s way. So I think that we all know what is going to happen now, a lot of mayhem is going to ensues, but I think that we are also going to see the development of who these men are as men. This is a real opportunity to see what kind of cloth they are made out of.

(EXCLUSIVE) Joseph Sikora Dishes On New Season of 'Power' [Interview]

Power’s Naturi Naughton, 50 Cent

When you are in prison, you have to stay steady and focused. How are you going to fight this? And then, when you are on the streets you have a temper, you have a tendency to go from zero to sixty, how do you gain or learn finesse? It is really incredible. Courtney Camp, our show’s creator is a brilliant story weaver, she and Garry Lennon write the heck out of this season. Curtis ‘’ 50 Cent’’ Jackson is always so involved as a producer that is what adds the legitimacy of the street to the show and we are very blessed.

On what happens to Tariq:

I think we can all remember when we were fourteen years old. Tariq is getting himself into a lot of mischief. You think you know everything at that age and you do not know so he is going to learn a lot in season four.

On how the character Ghost being in jail affects their friendship:

I think somebody has to look out for the family. Tommy has always tried to emulate the St. Patrick family with in his own life but always valued and truly appreciated his place in that family, so I think that is another thing we see that Tommy is very vicious and also incredibly caring just like we all are. We all get to see ourselves in Tommy.

(EXCLUSIVE) Joseph Sikora Dishes On New Season of 'Power' [Interview]

Joseph Sikora, Lala Anthony, Naturi Naughton, Rotimi

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Authored by: Kellie Williams