R&B Divas LA’s Stacy Francis Calls Some Cast Members Shady: I expect respect.

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She’s the freshest face to R&B Divas LA and she’s definitely ruffling some feathers. Newbie Stacy Francis is opening up about the shade she’s received since joining the TV One reality show. In her personal blog post, she shares that she does believe she adds something significant to the cast:

For me, I bring honesty and a lot of questions. I’m calling people to the carpet. If I’m going to be in this circle, then I expect respect. I love being a Diva. I love couture fashion. I love big hair and makeup. I love singing. There are some in the group that don’t know what that is — I’m trying to teach them that. Obviously, they need some training classes on being a Diva. Like, why don’t we look at “Vogue” magazine together?

Lil Mo, Michell'e, Leelah James, Stacy, Brave

Lil Mo, Michell’e, Leelah James, Stacy, Brave

Stacy’s first ‘on-camera’ interaction with her cast was an awkward encounter at a Jesse Jackson event. Stacy admits that the vibe wasn’t positive, but she didn’t realize there was a real issue.

Oh my God, I didn’t realize they were that shady until I watched the episode. I should have been more shady at the bowling event. I hugged them and greeted them. Man, they did not deserve my admiration because they were really mean to me.

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And while some accuse Stacy of ‘stirring the pot’, she disagrees:

I don’t think so. I was there for the whole event and it didn’t seem right, didn’t seem kosher. When I came into the Jesse Jackson event, I saw that the tension was apparent. It just didn’t seem like they were being very friendly. Now, I see that the shade was about not knowing who I was.

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