NeNe Leakes Blames Piss Poor Casting For RHOA’s Drama: Thirsty, Jealous & Single!

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NeNe Leakes has had it up to HERE, on season 7 of the hit BRAVO show, Real Housewives of Atlanta. As the only original cast member, the VERY RICH star says that she often feels singled out and she’s victim of a few jealous ‘girls’ on the show. She vents on her personal blog that some of the drama on the show should be blamed on piss-poor (my words, not hers) casting.

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She writes about Sunday night’s therapy session:

Wanting to organize a counseling session to figure out a way for us all to coexist truly came from a place of concern for the show. My motives were pure and true! I wanted to bring unity because I cared.

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NeNe believes that the show went awry when they starting casting improperly:

This is a divided cast and has been ever since they decided to cast women that are not from Atlanta. Single women with nothing to lose.

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Thirsty women who have no limitation and are willing to do anything to be on TV. Jealous woman who want to hold the title as the “Queen” of this show! Women who haven’t worked in years. I have to say most of the ladies hate or