Chris Brown Officially Off Probation From Rihanna Assault

Hopefully this is my last day in court….. Pray for me…????????????????????????????????????

As previously reported, Chris’ probation was a result of him pleading guilty to attacking Rihanna, a few hours before they were to appear at the Grammy Awards.

chris brown-officially off probation-the jasmine brand

In addition to community service, Chris went to counseling and rehab, where he was reportedly treated with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and complications from substance abuse. Last October, Chris openly discussed his drug abuse, sharing during an interview with Hot 97:

I was off the syrup, Xanex…I don’t knock anyone’s hustle but for me it wasn’t conducive to me. I was falling asleep on video sets, cussing people out randomly—Once I started seeing it was affecting my work and what I was doing as a guy, just everything I was doing—[I was like] this ain’t for me.

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