Zendaya Coleman: My comments to Giuliana Rancic were never for attention. [VIDEO]

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Zendaya Coleman — whose name was a big part of the Oscar buzz after comments made about her hair by Fashion Police’s Giuliana Rancic — spoke out for the first time (outside of social media) about the controversy.

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In an interview with Power 106, the 18-year-old singer and actress explained:

Sometimes you have to stand-up for what you believe is right. I always say that and you can’t be afraid of that so I wrote everything I had to say in that and that’s just what it was. I just hope it made a positive impact at the end of the day.

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Zendaya was surprised at the amount of support she received:

I was freaking out. It was really cool to know I have people behind me if I ever needed it. You know and it was really cool to see I wasn’t alone and people understood what I was saying and … It was never for the attention….It was honestly just for — I felt like I had to stand up for something that was wrong.