Reginae Carter & YFN Lucci Seemingly Confirm Break-Up

Reginae Carter And YFN Lucci Seemingly Confirm Break-Up Rumors

Another young celebrity couple bites the dust…maybe? That’s the burning question that fans of Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci are likely asking themselves after the couple posted some revealing social media posts recently, alluding to the status of their relationship.

If you’ve been paying close attention lately, you’ll notice that reality star Reginae Carter and boyfriend, rapper YFN Lucci, have been posting some very telling sentiments on their respective social media accounts. These actions have led many to believe that the couple has officially called it quits and moved on from each other.

Last week, just before the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Carter sent out a tweet that many felt was a subliminal shot at Lucci. The tweet read,

“I hate a friendly a** n*gga.”

Fast forward to a week later during Super Bowl and she posted again on social media, this time to her Instagram stories. She initially shared a post that said, “let him go, keep yourself,” to which she provided her own response that stated,

“I will do exactly that.”


Both Carter and Lucci also made separate appearances at festivities during Super Bowl weekend, leading the speculation that their relationship was over to further intensify.

Lucci added even more fuel to the rumor fire with his recent Instagram post. The rapper is seen kneeling and posing with his head down, while the caption reads,

LOVE is just a word it don’t matter to me #FREE21.”

Intent on having the last word in the situation, Carter once again headed over to Twitter and sent another subliminal shot, this one courtesy of her dad, Lil Wayne:

In early December Carter revealed that she and Lucci decided to slow things down a bit to focus on their careers, but they were then seen cuddled up together on New Year’s Eve.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings