Amber Rose Admits to Filtering, Not Photoshopping Instagram Photos [VIDEO]

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This week, Amber Rose took her famous talents to DJ Charlie Sloth. During the interview, Amber dishes on her current relationship situation with husband Wiz Khalifa (and yep, they’re still technically married); whether or not she photoshops her Instagram photos are fake and which famous singer/reality star has been a break-up since her split.

Peep a few excerpts.

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Accusations that she photoshops her Instagram pix:

It’s funny because if they see a beautiful picture of me, I photoshopped it. If they see an extremely unflattering picture of me where I look almost deformed, they assume that’s my natural body and that’s not photoshopped. That’s just because people are negative and they wanna see celebrity look really, really bad. But that’s just a part of my life … My pictures were not photoshopped and I wouldn’t begin to know how to photoshop a picture for Instagram, but maybe a filter on it. So that’s about it.