WNBA Baller Brittney Griner & Fiancée Locked Up After Alleged Brawl [Thug Life]

Glory Johnson, Brittney Griner

Glory Johnson, Brittney Griner

Lover’s quarrel gone awry?!

WNBA baller Brittney Griner (of Phoenix Mercury) and her fiancée Glory Johnson, allegedly laid hands on each other this week — and not in a good way. According to reports, a verbal argument between the two turned into a full-out physical brawl, resulting in the arrests of both women on assault and disorderly conduct allegations.

Police reports state that on Wednesday (April 22nd), police were called when they began fighting in a home that was shared. Others were at the home during the alleged fight and attempted to break it up, but were unsuccessful.

USA Today reports:

Police reports indicate that Johnson’s sister called Goodyear police Wednesday afternoon to report that Johnson and Griner, who were “in the living room throwing things at each other.”

When police arrived at the home on 133rd Drive, Johnson’s sister, Judy, told officers she was at a loss for what to do because of the way the two were fighting, so she called police.