Tia Mowry: I’m NOT in competition with my sister! Talks Image, Individuality & Leaving ‘The Game’. [VIDEO]

Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry

Is there anything Tia Mowry can’t do?! The famous twin sister to Tamera Mowry continues to add new gigs to her bulging resume. The 36-year-old actress is currently starring in Nickelodeon’s ‘Instant Mom’ and recently landed her new reality series on The Cooking Channel ‘Tia Mowry at Home.’ In a recent interview with Renada Romain, Tia dishes on her new gigs; her feelings on kicking the “squeaky clean” image; the real reason she left The Game and why she’s NOT in competition with her sister. Peep a few excerpts. 

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Finding her sexy after giving birth: 

It’s weird. It’s like… after I had my son, I just feel like… I don’t know… It’s not like I didn’t feel like I want to “embrace my sexuality before having a child,” but afterwards you just feel so powerful. I guess, but I think also for so long I was kind of like the “girl next door” and I was kind of like afraid to embrace another side of me and I have always been a little edgy and its like why not change it up just a little bit?

Having to fight for the role of Melody’ on The Game:

I really had to fight for that role.  I remember when I first went in to auditioned for that role the creator of The Game, Mara Brock Akil, she asked me [she] was like, “you know how I write, right?”  I was like, “yea.” I said, “I am a woman, I am an actress, lets go.” That would definitely have to be one of my favorite roles to play hands down.

Why she left the show:

I left the show mainly because they wanted to put my character down to a recurring character after Pooch [Hall] left, because he got booked for another show. So say for instance, if you are a regular on a show, you’re in every episode of that season. When you’re a recurring character on a show, you’re not in every episode, you’re probably in four out of twenty episodes or six out of twenty episodes at the most.

So they wanted to kind of change my character because I guess Pooch booked another show, Ray Donovan [and] wasn’t going to be on the show. So they said if he wasn’t going to be on the show, “what are we going to do with Tia?”  We just got to bring her down to a recurring and I was like umm… I believe in myself a little too much and I ended up booking Instant Mom on Nick at Night and TV Land now and I am having a blast.


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