Lauren London Helped Hosea Chanchez Say Goodbye to The Game [VIDEO]

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The end of the road is drawing near for fans of BET’s The Game. And while viewers are having a difficult time letting go of one of their favorite BET shows after 9 seasons, one of the show’s stars — Hosea Chanchez — reveals that it’s been challenging for him too. In an interview with, Hosea reveals how Lauren London helped him find closure with the show ending. Hosea also opens  up about his father suffering from substance abuse (just like his character Malik). Peep a few excerpts.

CNikky: Have you had any personal experience with substance abuse and if so, how did it help you relate to Mailk?
My father suffers from substance abuse to this day, and has for about 20 plus years of his life.  And that’s a story that was really sensitive to me because being a kid to someone that has substance abuse issues, in the back of your mind being addicted to anything was always a fear of mine.  Until growing up and learning that my place in life isn’t my father’s place. So, that’s something that’s really present in my life with my father and with his experiences. So, I played that entire scenario with Malik on the outside. So, I was never fully in character, I never understood it and I never was fully aware of it because I was afraid of it.
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CNikky: Did portraying a character suffering from substance abuse bring you and your father closer together?
That didn’t bring us closer together. Forgiveness brought us closer together. And me, not only forgiving him, but forgiving myself for the thoughts I had of him my entire life. And that’s where real freedom in life is. And that’s why I don’t have any fears any more.  Now, I’ve released myself from that by knowing what my presence and my destiny is and claiming what’s real in my life and what’s not I don’t even acknowledge.  So, through forgiving him and forgiving myself for my thoughts of him all those years growing up is what brought us closer together. Forgiveness.
Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta