Tyrese Begs & Pleads For Ex-Girlfriend To Return Home: I’m not too proud! + Takes His Last Bus Ride [VIDEO]



Tyrese Gibson is leaving his pride at the door and letting the world know that he desperately wants his ex-girlfriend back. The actor and singer, who is promoting his new album Black Rose, shared this piece of personal information on The Breakfast Club. In previous interviews, the 36-year-old artist has spoken candidly about their split, admitting that he was unfaithful in their relationship. And during his latest interview he states:

She’s been gone 10 months. I don’t like going home without my girl there. I don’t like it. I’ve been doing interviews trying to figure out what can I say and do to get her to come back. I’m ashamed.  Now, we got options out here, but that don’t mean nothing. I wrote this album [about her].

When told by Angela Yee that she hopes he gets his girl back, Tyrese replies:

I hope I do too, If she’s listening. Y’all are real popular. So, I’m letting the world know, I want my girl back. And I don’t mind the world knowing.

He even sang a song in her honor during their interview, in hopes of appealing to her. Tyrese also discusses why this is his final album, what he feels is unfair treatment by mainstream radio and crushin’ on Janelle Monae. See the full interview below.



Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta