YG Says Gang Affiliation Makes Industry Skeptical: It makes it harder for an artist like me. [VIDEO]



This week, rapper YG (real name Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson) takes his talents to Big Boy on REAL 92.3, giving a rare interview since the Compton rapper was shot earlier this summer. During the interview, the 25-year-old artist gets very descriptive on when what went down that night, his relationship with J.Cole and how he believes he is perceived in the industry. Check out a few excerpts.

YG talks shooting-the jasmine brand

YG on remaining himself and how he is perceived in this industry:

I feel like its a reason why its harder for me to get in the game.. I’m in the game but I already know due to the person that I am and my perception of people just be holding back stuff, and its going to take a little longer because I’m me, I’m YG. I move how I move and it ain’t no changing it…My perception is that people, they’re scared of me, because gang member all that type of stuff but like I handle business, I get the job done, I’m about my business, I’m from the streets. I come from where I come from, so they hear all the stories, listen to the lyrics of the music and all that. So, its like alright I get it. So, I just gotta show up and show out. It makes it harder for artist like me, but all you gotta do is keep coming with those hits, after the third album they gone get it.