Celibacy is Hard For Ciara: ‘You go one day at a time.’ + Peep Her Noisey Shoot [Photos]

Ciara-Noisey-the jasmine brand

A few of us (*raises hand*) were shocked and pleased when Ciara and her Russell Wilson shared that they were abstaining from sex. Ciara didn’t spill tea about their love life — or lack thereof — but her NFL’er boyfriend (who is a devout Christian) shared this bit of news during appearance at The Rock Church stating:

For me, I knew that God had brought me in her life to bless her and for her to bless me. We’re not going to be perfect, by any means. But He’s anointed both of us and He’s calling for us to do something special.

Ciara and Russell wilson Hold Hands at Madeos

During US Weekly’s Loose Talk, Ci-Ci revealed that remaining celibate isn’t easy.

You go one day at a time, and keep [the romance] going with each other. It’s alright.