Diddy Addresses Reports He Slapped Drake, Having A Ghostwriter & If He Plans to Sue ‘Empire’ [VIDEO]

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On Monday (August 17th), Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, along with his son Christian, visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. During the interview, Diddy discusses his new music, his rumored altercations with Drake and Drake Cole, the infamous altercation that he had at UCLA and what appears to be a vodka feud with Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson. Check out a few excerpts.

50 Cent entering the Vodka business:

Hopefully, he appreciates me opening up the doors continuously.

Diddy at the BET Awards (post fall)

Diddy at the BET Awards

Falling at the BET Awards during his performance: 

I fell in a hole man. It was a trap door. As I’m falling in the hole, time slowed down dramatically….I was scared, just imagine embarrassing yourself with no comeback…I had to get back up [laughs]. The moral of the story is if you fall in a hole, you get back up.

What made him put his hands on Drake:

I did not put hands on Drake and I do not want any problems with Drake. I didn’t do nothing to Drake. Drake is my friend. Drake is probably my favorite rapper, as far as songwriting and albums…Meek is my boy…It wasn’t anything that was really that big of the deal.


Meek vs Drake battle:

I really just stayed out of it and I was just listening to it like everybody else…

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Using a ghostwriter: 

I feel like as an artist, you’re allegiance is also to the record….Some time you can be in the room with somebody that has a better idea…Whitney Houston didn’t really write any of her songs…I’m not an emcee…That’s not my reality….I’m a ringleader.

His vocals being used on Meek’s diss record to Drake:

I didn’t even know about that…

If he’s allowed back at UCLA’s practice after the incident:

I don’t even know if I’m allowed at practice so I guess we gon’ see when the time comes…I went there to communicate, I can’t speak about anything else…It was just a miscommunication…

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If he wanted to sue ‘Empire’: 

That was a rumor…It’s one of my favorite shows…

Now being closer with Cassie:

My personal life, I like to just keep it private…You can’t be watching every camera….Sometimes you get tired of ducking and hiding…

See the full interview below.

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Authored by: TJB Writer