Master P Talks Saving Snoop’s Life, Allegedly Pistol Whipping Pimp C & His New Biopic

master p the jasmine brand

Master P is most known for his music and business savvy mentality. While the younger generation may view Jay Z as the successful rapper to business man story, it was the New Orleans native that helped create that trend. Two weeks after the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton dominated the box office, Master P is preparing for his own biopic, King of the South. Partnering with is oldest son, Romeo Miller, the rapper is working on bringing his inspiration and interesting story to theaters. He stopped by 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to introduce his new energy drink, talk about his biopic, and critique NWA which he says portrayed Eazy-E in the wrong light.

Check out excerpts below.


His New Energy Drink:

S9 [there’s] no sugar no calories. It’s the best tasting energy drink in the country. It ain’t like the Red Bull or the other stuff. A lot of athletes are drinking this with their sports drink right now. It has some nine different ingredients of vitamins.

Charlamagne in His Biopic:

What’s good about this. When you make movies, it has to have the right character. The character that Charlamagne is playing is the guy that saved my life when I was five years old. My uncle, he lived next to me in the projects. He got me to the hospital, he was the only person in my family with a car. If it was a minute later I would been outta here.

On His Biopic:

Great thing about this movie, NWA is an amazing movie, I feel like my story, I came right out of them and I taught the world how to make money. NWA was some of the best artist of the game at the time—but I taught the game how to be a business man in this business.


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels